For Patients

What happens during the intake appointment?

The intake process begins with an approximately 60 minute intake phone call with Stacy. We use this time to learn about your health history, what brought you to us and what you’re looking for now. Once this is complete, you will have the second part of your intake, an appointment with Dan to evaluate your immune responses.

What happens at your AIT intake appointment with Dan?

Dan may further discuss your concerns with you to gather additional information or begin testing right away. Dan assesses your immune functioning using AIT, the non-invasive, integrated system he has been developing over the past 35 years. He will then let you know his findings on what is impacting your immune function, and make specific recommendations. This may include a targeted protocol using clinical nutrition, homeopathic immune support formulas, or a combination of the two. If Dan does not think that AIT is your best option, he will let you know that as well and give you any input he may have on options he believes may work better for you.

I have a number of health issues. Can Dan help with everything?

AIT work is generally done in phases and stages. Although we can often address many if not all of your health concerns, we don’t work on everything simultaneously. For example we may be identifying and addressing immediate or acute conditions and causes, supporting your immune system in: clearing detox pathways, repairing/supporting damaged organs, tissues or systems, reducing inflammatory responses, regulating hormone systems, re-building systems and doing preventative work—to name a few of the stages. These phases are not necessarily linear, and we may need to circle back to one or more phases during the course of treatment. Humans are complex; we don’t over simplify; we do honor and deal with that complexity.

How often do I see Dan?

It depends. For many, if you are reasonably stable, monthly or bimonthly appointments work well. People in an acute stage or with chronic or more serious conditions may need to be tested by Dan more frequently at first or during intervals while in recovery and as they improve.

How long will it take to get well?

It depends.  We don’t know, although we sometimes have an educated guess. Oftentimes, patients arrive with serious, complex illnesses; or conditions with unknown causes,poor prognoses or results— even in spite of their very best and considerable efforts to get resolution. Bottom line? AIT takes time; it is rarely a quick fix.

Do you accept insurance?

No, sadly, we are not covered by insurance.

Do you work with patients who live at a distance, in other parts of the state, country or outside the U.S.?


FAQs For Practitioners

What is AIT?

AcuPoint Integrative Testing training is based on AIT’s unique health paradigm: a non-invasive, integrated health system grounded in the following disciplines: biochemistry, physiology, and immunology, homeopathy, and clinical nutrition. AIT’s ultimate aim is to recover immune function and move the body back to homeostatic balance through discovering and addressing the causes which underlie symptoms.

What is AIT’s Training?

AIT’s training provides practitioners with the necessary knowledge, strategy, skills and materials to accurately determine what is occurring in each patient, and precisely what’s needed to address individual patient immune compromise. AIT allows practitioners to identify, assess, intervene, track, and modify patient specific protocols as needed in real time.

The training begins with a year-long course designed to train practitioners in the foundations of the theory, technique, strategy and practice of AcuPoint Integrative Testing. The foundational year course currently includes: 11 modules, 12 full day live trainings, 2 live Q&A/ practice sessions, a full set of over 250 AIT testing vials and all related materials. Live training days are divided into theory and strategy in the mornings and we use Prosodes™ to practice the testing techniques and apply strategies in the afternoon. See course details.

What’s AIT’s history, and how does it keep up with the ever-changing landscape of our current health concerns?

Dan Newell, MS. CN, is the originator of AIT and has been developing AIT for over 35 years. Dan continues his cutting edge research daily and regularly incorporates new breakthroughs into AIT, making AIT an extraordinary rarity: a research-based, clinically derived, dynamic, evolving holistic paradigm and practice.

Will I be certified if I attend the classes?

Students must satisfy the certification criteria to be certified in the practice of AIT. Ongoing study and training is required to maintain AIT certification as AIT research and breakthroughs are ongoing and rapid and active certification requires that practitioners remain current.

How is AIT different than other trainings out there?

AIT is the most advanced, sophisticated, comprehensive, and accurate integrated kinesiological system for identifying causes for treatment and restoration of immune function. Simply put: there is, to our knowledge, no other comparative system out there. Prosodes™, our exclusive innovation, allows practitioners/students to accelerate skill acquisition and training in order to develop competence quicker than ever before. AIT practitioners work at a molecular level, allowing them to practice with an extraordinary level of precision and effectiveness. AIT is an integrated approach, combining the powerful aspects of electro-acupuncture, kinesiology, homeopathy, and biochemically-directed clinical nutrition into a precise, effective system allowing practitioners to gain the knowledge and grow the skills needed to take on extremely difficult challenges.

Who is AIT training for?

Committed and dedicated practitioners interested in learning and practicing AIT as the cornerstone of their lifetime work and practice.

The training is for grounded, successful, dedicated and inspired practitioners interested in: 

  • Gaining answers to their questions
  • Expanding their knowledge, understanding, effectiveness and practice of clinical nutrition
  • Increasing diagnostic & treatment capability and efficacy

AIT trainees are ready to take on a challenge—humble enough to learn what they don’t yet know and secure enough to go after answers with an open mind. The AIT foundation year includes intensive training and support, followed by the opportunity to continue ongoing education with our growing body of certified AIT practitioners. AIT is for those dedicated to building, improving, and continuing their training and practice over time. 

Who isn’t AIT training for?

Non-licensed practitioners or students without sufficient time to study and practice; students without sufficient commitment, patience, or passion for the work; those simply interested in adding yet another tool or training to an already crowded practice modality tool belt.

Is there support for AIT students during and after the training year?

Yes. There is a great deal of ongoing support included during your enrollment year (see program details) and ongoing support programs available once you are certified. To maintain active certification, students need to participate in ongoing training and support to keep current. The increased pace of post-certification research takes place in a shared community with Dan, Stacy, and AIT practitioners out in the world doing the work daily. This community comes together regularly to review cases, find out about the latest breakthroughs, and discuss the impacts a rapidly changing world creates in them, their families, and their patients—and the solutions to those exposures.

Who teaches AcuPoint Integrative Testing?

Dan Newell, AIT’s sole originator and his partner in life and work– certified AIT practitioner, Stacy Goldring. The same discernment, integrity, passion for excellence and quality control that gave rise to AIT informs the AIT training. If you want to learn AIT, you get to learn from the best in the world, obtain the latest information, and have access to the individual attention and mentorship you deserve. Learning directly from Dan is a rare opportunity and ensures your training is top notch, current, and accurate.

How much does it cost?

This year’s course is $28,000 for students. Most students choose to divide the payments into monthly payments over a 12 month period.

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 AIT Training & Certification and for the work you do in the world. If AIT training is the right next step for you, please ******download this application form****** and email it to: stacy@AcuPointIntegrativeTesting.com, or contact us.

We wish you all the best in your health, practice and path. ~ Stacy Goldring & Dan Newell