AIT Practitioner Training

A New Paradigm for Wellness

Our program is for the practitioner that wants to go further and deeper in their own practice, knowledge, and health. AIT Training teaches the systems and wisdom evolved from 35 years of deep, ongoing research and clinical practice. Over the course of an intensive year-long program, students integrate the fundamentals of AIT while building a new repertoire of skills and competencies. The focus of the curriculum is based on AcuPoint Integrative Testing’s distinctive approach in the assessment, evaluation, understanding and treatment of immune and hormone dysfunction. AIT’s ultimate aim of re-instituting homeostatic balance and preventative health is achieved through intense investigation of illness origin and causes; and the repair, rebuilding, and strengthening of bodily systems. Our methods have profoundly served hundreds of practitioners and thousands of their patients.

At its core, AcuPoint Integrative Testing is a granular and highly sophisticated system, a unique paradigm wholly it’s own. The following disciplines are a sampling of the many different fields incorporated into AIT’s scope:

  • Homeopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Biochemistry
  • Endocrinology
  • Electro-Acupuncture

Our Distinguishing Teaching Style & Approach

At its fundamental level, AIT is a complete way of understanding and approaching health challenges. While its foundation consists of decades of solid research and practice, it’s constantly being updated and evolving as new technologies and discoveries are unearthed.

Research into fields as diverse as nano-technology and toxicology are integrated into the vast body of knowledge, practice, and understanding on a daily basis. AIT and Dan Newell are constantly working at the cutting edge of clinical nutrition and factors which impact health. It is a complex, broad, and cohesive approach that allows us to be years ahead of health issues and trends.

With each case, we sit at the intersection of a broader picture comprised of exhaustive patient-driven research and deep attention to specific, granular particulars of a patient’s bodily systems. We measure at a molecular and intercellular level, in real time, and gain results that were previously thought impossible or completely out of the realm of the known. Students find that with the AIT system, they are able to identify, track, measure, and treat at a level they’ve never experienced or witnessed before.

The training itself is extremely comprehensive and includes the following:

  • Theory & Methodology
  • Practice and Skill-Development Materials
  • Testing & Treatment Strategy
  • All necessary Testing & Practice Tools
  • On-going Backup and Support
  • Practitioner health

We are unequivocally committed to teaching both practitioners and patients to become active agents of their own health. “Cookbooking” with generalized, pre-determined nutritional protocols occurs in some trainings, but not in AIT. As an AIT student, you work directly with both Dan and Stacy throughout the course of your studies, gaining increasingly sophisticated levels of assistance focused on your actual patient cases. This level of interactivity and deep support is an underpinning of the program, and considered by students to be a rare and unique mode of learning in this field.

Properly applied, AIT training can open a door in your practice to incredible patient progress and awareness of health with unprecedented precision, insight, and success.

Our Students

As health-care practitioners, nothing feels more fulfilling than helping patients break through illness and regain the lives they so deeply want to lead. But at some point, even the most dedicated and passionate practitioners will hit a wall—usually with a patient who’s plateaued, or ultimately didn’t respond to treatment. While the results of these experiences can be discouraging—and sometimes even heartbreaking—they often pave the way to searching for a different approach and a renewed desire for answers.
AIT training is for driven, compassionate, curious, and open-minded practitioners who are experts in their field—but are now ready to step into a new paradigm of assessment, evaluation, treatment and practice. Often, practitioners study with us when they’ve gone as far as they can go in their practice — and they thirst for a deeper, wider, and more complex scope of knowledge. Our student’s commitment and discipline to take on a unique and comprehensive paradigm is met with Dan’s renowned expertise and a powerful relationship for their learning and application process. 

After training in the foundations of AIT, students have the opportunity to engage in ongoing training, support, assistance and community. Once they’re in the process of AIT training, they usually experience improved health for themselves and their families, and a profound upswing in treatment effectiveness. Students generally find an increase in profitability, which is directly related to the accuracy and success of treatments, especially in difficult cases.

To request more information about AIT’s training, please contact us here.