The Road to Wellness

Everyday for over 35 years, we’ve experienced the remarkable courage it takes to face illness—in all of its deep complexity and unique challenges. We are consistently awed by our patients’ tenacity and willingness to do whatever it takes to heal.

Many of our patients are referred to us after they’ve “tried it all,” and feel discouraged by the myriad treatments that were insufficient, failed completely, or ultimately did not maintain the wellness they achieved. They often arrive with a mix of hope and despair — along with the trepidation of trusting yet another health care practitioner with the most precious gift they have: their health.

Most of all, the people who come to us are ready to go the distance — to show up powerfully for their own recovery and dare to dream of a life after illness. They recognize that this process is never a straight line, and that being present and responsible for their own healing doesn’t always look or feel heroic.

We understand and respect the gravity of illness and recovery; how it can bring a person to the very edge of what they believe is possible in both its extremes of pain and joy. It is our life’s work to help heal our patients— their courage is one of the reasons why we work passionately and tirelessly to design individual healing plans and consistently conduct breakthrough research.

Working With Us

The body is a profoundly wise self-healing organism, but it can become overwhelmed and need help to properly do it’s job. Our work is to help reinstitute homeostasis—the ability of the body to take care of itself when it encounters challenges. It takes a high degree of experience, understanding, and expertise to genuinely grasp what is preventing this in our patients, and how to fix it. We sit squarely in a partnership position with our patients and support them as active agents of their own health.

All of our patients are unique in their treatment, but one thing they have in common is that they are ready to take responsibility for their own health and are able to trust us as their partners in their healing journey. Once we all commit to go through this process together, we are dedicated to providing effective, expert-level care and treatment with the highest regard for each individual patient. Together, we’ll build a bridge from illness to health, and walk it together — even if it’s skyscraper-high, unpredictable, or frightening. We’ll walk through the fire with you, one conscious step at a time.

Our Distinctive Approach

AIT is biochemically informed, holistically oriented and cause directed. Unlike more conventional models of treatment, we operate with the knowledge and understanding that every single individual body is unique — therefore our treatment and protocols are wholly distinct for each patient. Like taking a dark lamp shade off of a bright light, we believe that once we remove whatever is blocking the body off from it’s natural state of health, it can be brought back to balance — and kept there through preventative measures.

We work on individual cases with simultaneous attention to the overall picture and the specific, granular particulars of a patient’s immune system. We look beyond diagnosis (which is primarily a description) and even comprehension (which often translates to symptom management). Our work involves identifying, measuring, tracking, and treating at a level that most practitioners have never seen before; and our measurement process occurs at a molecular, intercellular level—in real time.

Our broad-level research includes effects that modern living has on the human body — issues such as environment, mass food production, and public health — and we often anticipate problems and develop solutions years before others are even aware of them.

Ultimately, AIT sits at a cross-roads of historic clinical expertise and extensive knowledge, combined with the capacity to integrate what we discover in our exhaustive research. Possessing both of these characteristics is rare, and it’s why our patients obtain different results than with every other practitioner they’ve worked with.

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes the following:

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Molecular Biochemistry
  • Homeopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Endocrinology
  • Electro-Acupuncture Theory
  • Wellness coaching & support


We begin with a careful phone appointment about your entire health history, including exposures and impacts. What follows is a comprehensive, thoughtful, and highly accurate evaluation regarding your current health status, your options, and best course of action.

Your questions and concerns will be met with compassion, professionalism, and expert guidance. We don’t work with people who we don’t believe we can help.

In order to book your first consult, please prep with this intake form.

Pricing Breakdown:

Intake Appointments:

Intake appointments are $850; $375 for your initial consult and 1 hour comprehensive health history with Stacy and $475 for your AIT evaluation of up to 1 hour with Dan.

Longer evaluations- those that exceed 2 hours for the phone history and the initial evaluation with Dan- are rare and charged additionally at the standard appointment rate, $250 per patient per ½ hour or any portion of a ½ hour.

Standard Appointments:

Standard, follow-up appointments are $250 per patient per 1/2 hour or any part of a half hour. Each standard appointment fee also covers ½ to 1 hour of patient related activities that take place outside of your appointment time with us.